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If you are considering selling your business within the next year or so, the time to start is now.  Strategic planning far in advance of the actual event can significantly add to the eventual sales price. 








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A professional healthcare business merger and acquisition advisory




Exploring Strategic Options


from Strategic Planning through Valuation, Execution and Closing


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The M&A Process

Exit Strategies:

If you are considering your strategic options including the possibility of selling your business the time to start planning is now.    Strategic planning in advance of the actual event will help you prepare for the process and can significantly improve the sales price and transaction terms.


The First Step:

Learn the value and importance of our pre-market,  valuation of your company. 

Discover how our exclusive Market Pulse Analysis confirms value and highlights any of the performance elements which enhance or detract from the total economic valuation of your business.

The Process:

Our exclusive, confidential and controlled M&A process creates opportunity and unlocks the maximum value for your business. 

Paragon Ventures is a specialist in the merger, acquisition and divestiture of private mid-market companies. We facilitate the entire process of buying or selling a business.



At Paragon Ventures we begin with insight refined by experience building, growing and merging our own businesses.  We understand the dynamics of finance, reimbursement, demographics,  governmental regulations, product technologies and information management that can impact the value of the enterprise.  United with contacts and expertise, we are dedicated to unlocking and delivering the Real Value to the shareholders of the business enterprise.  World-class research,  creative marketing  and delivering unsurpassed results... This is what we do... everyday.


We create business opportunities for people
The merger and acquisition business is a "people business" first and foremost. We understand this. The business owners who have worked with us over the past decade can attest to it. We create business opportunities that deliver REAL VALUE for real people.

We specialize in the entire process

With almost a century of combined business finance, marketing and operations experience we understand the intricacies of customer demographics, reimbursement and governmental regulations. We know how to highlight the Real Value that business buyers demand.  From initial strategic exit planning through valuation and marketing to finalizing the sale, Paragon Ventures manages the entire process.

Structuring, negotiating and closing a deal involves more than mechanics
Our transactions are life-changing for the business owners, their families and employees. We understand the “psychology of the deal” and the emotions and implications that come with it.

It’s about knowing how to unlock the REAL VALUE in your company
Understanding your business and its value... presenting the company in its very best light and finding the opportunities that deliver that REAL VALUE. This is what we do... everyday!





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Paragon Ventures is a full-service advisory specializing in all aspects of the confidential sale, merger and valuation of established, growing and profitable, healthcare companies.

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