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 Paragon Ventures represents sellers of established, profitable businesses in the medical / healthcare service industry.  Our client agreements require us to obtain certain qualifying information from buyer prospects before the name and location of any client can be disclosed.  When completing this form, please attach any additional information that you feel is appropriate including resumes, acquisition search criteria, financial statements and / or financial references.

 This information is essential to accurately match a buyer’s acquisition criteria with the wide range of selling situations marketed by Paragon Ventures.  Please complete each part of this form and return it to Paragon Ventures LLC to obtain information on a specific business acquisition opportunity.  No financial information will be released to a potential buyer without receipt of a fully executed Confidentiality Agreement and evidence of financial capacity.

Your Interests::

We are interested in BUYING a business.
We are interested in SELLING our business.
We are interested in learning more about strategic EXIT PLANNING
We are interested in current MARKET VALUATION for our business .
We are interested in recent mergers and acquisition transactions.
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Contact information:

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Preferred method of contact:
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We are primarily interested in the following areas:
ALF/SNF Pharmaceutical Distributors
Dental Practices   Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBM)
Diabetic Supplies   Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy
Disease Management   Physician Practice Groups
Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)   Retail Pharmacy
HME   Respiratory Therapy
Home Nursing   Specialty Pharmacy
Hospice   Staffing/Staffing Facilities
Infusion Therapy   Surgery Centers
Institutional Pharmacy   Sleep Labs
Mail Order Pharmacy   Women's Health
Medical/Dental Product Manufacturers   Specialty Beds/Wound Care
Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities   Medical Equipment Rental (B2B)
Hospitals- Acute Care Facilities   Merger & Divestiture opportunities for my company
Healthcare Billing/Reimbursement   Employment Opportunities with Paragon Ventures
Medical Device - MFG   Other: Please specify in Comments sections below  

Acquisition Target Revenue:
Under $5 Million      $5 - $25 Million      $25 - $50 Million      $50 - 100 Million      Above $100 Million

Acquisition Target EBITDA:
Under $1 Million      $1 - $5 Million      $5 - $10 Million      In excess of $10 Million

Preferred Geographic Location:
East Coast      West Coast      South      Mid-West      Anywhere

Additional comments, questions, acquisition and geographic criteria, etc.:

 This section must be completed by corporate buyers in order to register and receive confidential seller disclosures

Prequalification Profile: FOR CORPORATE BUYERS
Private Corporation      Public Company     
Number of Stakeholders
Stock Exchange
Ticker Symbol
Year Established
Gross Sales
Net Earnings
Describe your main product /service
DUNS #/Financial Reference

If you currently own any healthcare related businesses, please complete the Acquisition History section below.

Acquisition History - Current Healthcare Business Portfolio
Business Name
Primary Business Type
Year Acquired                                 Year Sold 
Business Name
Primary Business Type
Year Acquired                                Year Sold 

This section must be completed by individual buyers in order to register and receive confidential seller disclosures

Prequalification Profile: FOR INDIVIDUAL BUYERS
*Current employment
Career background
Have you ever owned a business? Yes      No     
Current Healthcare Business Portfolio
Current Business Name
Current Business Type
Year Established
Current Revenue Size


Financial Disclosure

                                 Cash_Assets        Notes_Payable_Liabilities 
                    Receivables_Assets        Mortgages_Liabilities          
                     Real_Estate_Assets       Other_Loans_Liabilities      
                 Securities_CD_Assets        Other Liabilities                    
                                 Fixed_Assets        Other Liabilities                    
                                 Other_Assets        Other Liabilities                    
                              *TOTAL ASSETS      *TOTAL LIABILITIES            
                                                                                                    *TOTAL NET WORTH                                     


Acquisition Preferences
* Cash available for Acquisitions
Sources of Additional Funding
Describe your main product /service
DUNS #/Financial Reference

Do you plan to take an active role in management?


If you are a buyer, are you in need of outside financing?



Anticipated Purchase Price
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Briefly describe your valuation methodology i.e. X multiple of adjusted EBITDA, etc.


How did you find Paragon Ventures?
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